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My Mortality and Ebola

While the networks are ginning up fear around Ebola, I’m serene. Not indifferent, but far from panicked. I stay informed, all the while trying to keep at bay my annoyance at the media’s role, the finger pointing, and the lack of humanity for people who actually have it. But my serenity is not just about intellect. While I’m far from the Queen of Zen, I attribute my calm to this — it’s been two years since I experienced 2012, the year that handed me an acute awareness of my own mortality. As the months that year unfolded, there was...

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Embracing the Raw in Our Precarious Lives

I am sitting in an intimate theater room at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. When the 11-minute film begins, there is sound but no picture. Sirens. Urgency. Then it goes quiet and on three sides of me there is white dust and paper falling. The images are projected onto the walls, but I am transported there in that instant. I breathe deeply. Yes. This was a good idea today. I need to feel. **** I had not planned to precede a trip to the 9/11 Memorial Museum with a day spent in the emergency room, but there it was, happening...

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Vaccines and (Yes) Gray Matter

If there is one thing that has been brought out by the recent revelation that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler will not be vaccinating their children, it’s the fact that a lot of American parents desperately need to believe vaccines are not harming their children. Emphasis on desperately. My God, the level of mean-spiritedness and whatever the opposite of empathy is that is brought out when people get going on the Internet on this topic is so beyond anything I’ve ever seen on any other subject. And I have been reading about this topic for over a decade, ever...

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Going to the Emotional Edge on a Mat

“Love me some teary yoga.” This is a friend’s response to my sharing on a recent evening that I was having a teary few hours and I was placing the blame (credit?) on the private yoga session I had done the day before. It was a reminder that he had had (and continues to have) that experience and it soothed me that I wasn’t alone in that kind of response. First, me and yoga, the very short history. In the fall of 2011, at age 49, I began taking weekly classes. I liked it. After only a few months...

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Life in the Hypertensive Zone

I hate writing about health. I glaze over when people talk about it regularly. I am bored to tears when I’m fixated on my own health issues. I don’t seek out articles about it. I guess you could say when it comes to this topic I learn about things on a need-to-know basis. All that said, I have been posting a bit more on the topic of health in the last year or so. People other than me tend to respond favorably to these pieces; they like the sharing. Plus, I have vowed to be pretty much split-open vulnerable...

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