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Women as Norm, Dammit

As a former sports writer, I spent some years in the 1990s as a voter on the Associated Press Women’s Basketball Poll. Suffice to say, I know what Pat Summitt did for the game she loved. But for the sake of this piece, I want to put the basketball aside and talk about a way of seeing the world It stems from a 1998 Sports Illustrated profile about Summitt I just re-read — “Eyes of the Storm” by Gary Smith — and it says this: “This woman who never raised a placard or a peep for women’s rights, who...

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Warming Up with Billy Joel

I’m going to call it Polar Vortex oppression. It’s this feeling of heaviness, inertia, lack of control. What’s been spinning through my mind almost the entire month of January is this: Just please, get the hell off me. I don’t recall ever being affected by weather in this way. I know it’s common. I know people who deal with it every year. But it’s never been me. At least not to this degree. One recent night while nesting in yet again because I couldn’t bear the idea of contending with the cold, I caught the movie “Shall We Dance?”...

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This ‘Law of Attraction’ Could Use Some Work

Andrew Gold: Right before you married Christie Brinkley, you dated Elle Macpherson. And later you married Katie Lee, also a young, very beautiful woman. Do you think your relationship with female beauty is any different from any other red-blooded American male? Billy Joel: A lot of guys are just too intimidated to even ask them out, but I had a great way to meet people. People are just interested in you because you’re a rock star. O.K. Some guys use a car. Some guys have a cute dog. I’m a rock star. That’s who I am, what I do. What’s wrong...

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