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An Open Letter to Kellyanne Conway

Dear Kellyanne – I saw your recent segment on AC 360 where you lamented that Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration coverage isn’t as celebratory as it has been in the past for other Presidents-elect. You seemed mystified, saying “We get no respect.” We both know you’re smarter than that, don’t we? But OK, I’ll play along. Let’s talk about why the press might be focusing on something other than who Melania is wearing to the inaugural ball. For the record, I’m going to base my characterizations here on the President-elect’s own words in context. That’s in debates, his recent press conference,...

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Appreciating Silk and Reportage

I recently attended a talk in Hoboken by investigative reporter and author Diana Henriques. As part of her presentation, she told an audience at Little City Books about how gratifying it was to have her publisher, Henry Holt, exhibit patience in the reporting and writing process when she was working on The Wizard of Lies, her bestselling book about Bernie Madoff. In other words, even as other books were rushed to publication, her project wasn’t all about the instant gratification window around the sensational Madoff story. It was about putting in play her decades of experience in investigative reporting...

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The Corky Sherwood-ization of the News

Lately I’ve been watching Murphy Brown reruns on Encore Classic and laughing my butt off. In one episode the network decides to give fluff reporter Corky Sherwood her own show. Before it even airs a critic writes a mocking review in anticipation of Sherwood asking guests Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley something to the effect of, “If you could be a salad dressing, what kind would you be?” While the commentary upsets Sherwood – played so endearingly ditzy by Faith Ford — she ultimately winds up lamenting that now she can’t use that question. Oh, how perfectly Corky...

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