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Political Discourse at the Diner

The other day I was in a favorite local haunt having a conversation with two guys I see often in town. Both are Republican. A year and a half ago, when we’d have a conversation about politics, they’d pounce on my points before they were out of my mouth. President Trump is the be-all, end-all. He is the answer. Wait – where’s my caps lock key? — make that the ANSWER. But this week, we had a shift in our dynamic. I like talking to these guys, so I almost always welcome the discourse, face to face, no hiding...

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Petty Is Not Presidential

You know what pretty much spelled the end for Jim Webb’s presidential campaign? Perceived whining. After the Democratic debate on Oct. 13 on CNN, he was fodder for the late night shows and his entire message was reduced to clips of him saying he was given short shrift on time. Interestingly, he wasn’t wrong, at least in terms of the content of what he was expressing. The other candidates were being given far more time. His frustration mounted. In the wake of the debate, he was made to look like a whiner across media outlets. He withdrew his candidacy...

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Life in an ‘Us vs. Them’ World

I was in a conversation about the NFL with my mother on a Sunday afternoon recently and it went something like this. Mom: Well, the other day Rush was saying that they started with the concussion thing and now they’re using this because they want to do away with the NFL. Me: Who’s ‘they’? Mom (caught off guard): I don’t know. I guess liberals. Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt?? Based on what? Mom: Well … Me: You know who’s filling stadiums right now and bars all across the country watching football? Americans. A-mer-i-cans. Not liberals. Not conservatives. Americans. What the hell is...

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The Bipartisan Ship Has Sailed

I begin the year 2014 disappointed. It’s become clear that, for the most part, we really aren’t ever going to be able to go back to judging people and occurrences with any semblance of an objective eye. The ability to pull back and see something from a reasoned place, well, we’re not even striving for that anymore. At least not the majority. Now, if someone says the sky is blue, we decide whether to believe him based on whether he’s a conservative or a liberal. Every time someone stubs a toe, someone else attaches a cause to it. When...

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What I Learned as a Liberal Writing for Fox

I’ve been doing a slow turn to apolitical. Never thought I’d write that, but it’s true. The less cable news I watch, the better my life is. The more political cartoons/sayings/jokes I delete from my Facebook feed, the more it feels like I’m taking control of what occupies my head space. I’m not claiming 100 percent cold turkey shutdown, but there’s little political drama getting through. I choose peace and quiet distance. I’m seeking out information instead of having it fed to me through packages and agendas. What began this shift — as far as I can tell —...

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