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A Free Spirit in the Driver’s Seat

“Nan, it’s been really fun and the greatest year – for us, not our parents.” In her tiny script, this is a fraction of what Patty Lyon wrote in my yearbook in 1979 when we graduated from Steinert High School. In her rambling style, often addressing me as “Nanny,” she waxed on about our senior year – “nites out walking, nites out partying and cruising, nites out dancing and rockin’ to The Cars.” We were in that unique group of New Jersey “kids” who were grandfathered in when the legal drinking age went from 18 to 21. And while...

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My Mortality and Ebola

While the networks are ginning up fear around Ebola, I’m serene. Not indifferent, but far from panicked. I stay informed, all the while trying to keep at bay my annoyance at the media’s role, the finger pointing, and the lack of humanity for people who actually have it. But my serenity is not just about intellect. While I’m far from the Queen of Zen, I attribute my calm to this — it’s been two years since I experienced 2012, the year that handed me an acute awareness of my own mortality. As the months that year unfolded, there was...

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Where the Hills Are Alive, Finding Beauty in the Dead

Unlike so many, I didn’t go to Salzburg for the day to do a whirlwind tour of The Sound of Music spots. I wanted to get some flavor of the city my first time in Austria and let it be organic, but I was also open to the joy and wonder of seeing the setting of Maria’s incredible life. My friend and unofficial tour guide, Dany, is a native of Germany and I was staying with her in a small Bavarian village. This was a day trip to Salzburg. In the car en route, when it appeared we might drive right into a massive,...

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