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Tag: feminism

Pussy, Power, and Postage

I typically buy postage stamps that say or advocate “love.” It’s my small way of sending love out into the world with each piece of mail, even if it’s a bill. Recently I was standing in line at the post office to buy a sheet of...

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A Feminist’s Glorious Moment

When I woke up the morning of Election Day 2016, I was so excited that I donned a t-shirt I hadn’t worn since buying it in West Hollywood in 2009. It’s hot pink and in white lettering it says, “This is what a feminist looks...

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I Want to Hit That

It’s a slow day at the office. I watch the 23-year-old Italian intern out of the corner of my eye, trying like mad to focus on my computer screen. He is a hottie. But he is almost 20 years my junior. Does that really matter? I...

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