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Kids in the Lead

Remember in 2009 when the conservative media went nuts because second graders in a New Jersey school sang a song celebrating President Obama’s achievement as an African-American? Recall their claim that schools were trying to indoctrinate their kids to a political viewpoint? This is when I knew the level of partisanship in this country had crossed over into Crazy Town, a completely new plane of irrational. Here we go again. Those kids would be about 16 now. So it’s feasible that some of them walked out of a high school on March 14, 2018 for 17 minutes in solidarity...

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Where Every Gun Conversation Breaks Down

While visiting my parents in December, my father told me he had seen a movie recently on cable. He had really enjoyed it, but declared it wouldn’t be my “cup of tea.” He was talking about American Sniper. I explained that not only had I seen it in the theater, I went by myself because no one else I knew was interested in seeing it. He was clearly taken aback. I find a lot of conversations in our lives go like this. A declaration or assumption based on politics (Dad is conservative, I’m not). Here’s what I told a...

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‘A Revolution of Tenderness’

It felt aptly timed the other day when I read about an interview Pope Francis had done with a Catholic weekly magazine. In it, he noted the cruelty and atrocities in the world and called for a “revolution of tenderness.” I read it and then mulled it. A revolution of tenderness. Revolution and tenderness. Together. A gorgeous conceptual and semantic coupling appearing on my Facebook feed in the thick of an ongoing, active crime scene in San Bernardino, Calif. More shooting of people who went to work and thought they were going about a pretty routine day, who may...

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A Girl Can Dream (Violently), Can’t She?

On November 15, when the Giants lost to the undefeated Patriots in the waning seconds of the game, I slammed my hand down so hard on my coffee table that knick-knacks went flying. That was the moment I knew how much pent-up anger I had about the terrorist attacks in Paris just 48 hours before. I’m not typically one to beat up my body or my treasured possessions. Three days later, I saw that it was author Margaret Atwood’s birthday and I thought about how disturbing her dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, was when I read it back in...

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Just a Typical Judgment Day

It’s a day like any other in the place we all pass over to when we leave this life. What we as mere earthlings might call Judgment Day. For the sake of perpetuating at least part of a familiar story, I’m going to keep St. Peter in charge at the snazzy front entrance as events unfold. The first person to step up is 57-year-old Anna. She’s smiling that smile of those that arrive believing they’re a shoe-in. St. Peter knows the expression well. Anna: Hello, St. Peter. My goodness, I’m so happy to meet you. St. Peter: Hello, Anna....

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