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Tag: Hurricane Sandy

Fired Up in Fear

Through my bedroom window I saw a man throw a lit cigarette butt on the ground today. It was on the street in front of my apartment. For a panicked moment I contemplated going outside and stamping it out. The night before I bolted up out of sleep that had barely hit the REM phase. I’d had a nightmare that fire was consuming my home. I suppose this means it’s official. I’m traumatized. Maybe that’s a little strong. I really don’t want to be emotionally fraught. Is it possible to talk myself out of it? To purge via writing?...

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My Mortality and Ebola

While the networks are ginning up fear around Ebola, I’m serene. Not indifferent, but far from panicked. I stay informed, all the while trying to keep at bay my annoyance at the media’s role, the finger pointing, and the lack of humanity for people who actually have it. But my serenity is not just about intellect. While I’m far from the Queen of Zen, I attribute my calm to this — it’s been two years since I experienced 2012, the year that handed me an acute awareness of my own mortality. As the months that year unfolded, there was...

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Reflections on Sandy and Life’s Disasters

A while ago a friend reviewed my book proposal and made some pointed, helpful observations and suggestions. I incorporated almost all of them. But there was one that sent me into a deeper place of thinking. In the proposal I make note of the fact that the memoir begins two weeks before 9/11 and that that day had a profound impact on the entire trajectory of my life (and hence the book) from there. My friend felt it crossed a line to “use” 9/11 to “sell” my book. I am so glad she went there, as it was a...

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What an honor …

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