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On the Emotions of Erecting Walls

No matter how beautiful the weather, no matter the sweet endorphins that kick in, no matter the jaunty music coming from my iPod, there is only one word to describe my recent walks along the oceanfront promenade in Lavallette, New Jersey: Sad. One foot in front of the other, it’s like walking through someone’s broken heart. With dunes taller than me (I’m 5-foot-4) piled along the entire length of the 24-block walkway, there is no ocean view as you stroll. The sound of the waves hitting the shore is tantalizingly close. The Atlantic Ocean, the very reason this community and...

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The Ideal Beach Vacation

Here’s what my ideal beach vacation would consist of – books read, magazines conquered, lolling time sitting in a beach chair late afternoon/early evening, walks, spontaneous light meals made with fresh food, open windows to let in the ocean sounds and salty air, and a hush over the house most evenings. Ahhh … Here’s what my recent beach vacation with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and 11-year-old niece consisted of over the course of a week – a raucous annual tradition of Trivial Pursuit with a house full of guests, pulled pork on delicious squishy white flour-laden rolls, pizza, stromboli,...

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Jersey Girl’s Take on ‘Jersey Boys’

I saw the Jersey Boys movie  with my mother this week. I had seen the play with her and so when she said she “desperately” wanted to see it on the big screen, we made a date. On the way to the theater I played a Four Seasons CD and we sang along all the way there. “She-e-rry, Sherry baby …” “Oh, what a night, late December back in ’63 …” See, my life as an Italian-American who grew up in New Jersey is very much about this kind of connector. Be it Frank Sinatra or Frankie Valli (or...

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