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Sports As Breeding Ground for Change

The other night I was watching the season premiere of Chicago P.D. I love this show. I confess it’s partly because the level of testosterone is both attractive and curious. I like the peek into that world. But the other reason I’m drawn to it is storyline. This show doesn’t shy away from the issues that make policing so controversial in today’s climate. In this episode, two officers – one white, one black – are on a hunt for a dangerous suspect who escaped the police after taking a bullet in the stomach in an earlier confrontation. As they...

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Life in an ‘Us vs. Them’ World

I was in a conversation about the NFL with my mother on a Sunday afternoon recently and it went something like this. Mom: Well, the other day Rush was saying that they started with the concussion thing and now they’re using this because they want to do away with the NFL. Me: Who’s ‘they’? Mom (caught off guard): I don’t know. I guess liberals. Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt?? Based on what? Mom: Well … Me: You know who’s filling stadiums right now and bars all across the country watching football? Americans. A-mer-i-cans. Not liberals. Not conservatives. Americans. What the hell is...

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