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Sports As Breeding Ground for Change

The other night I was watching the season premiere of Chicago P.D. I love this show. I confess it’s partly because the level of testosterone is both attractive and curious. I like the peek into that world. But the other reason I’m drawn to it is storyline. This show doesn’t shy away from the issues that make policing so controversial in today’s climate. In this episode, two officers – one white, one black – are on a hunt for a dangerous suspect who escaped the police after taking a bullet in the stomach in an earlier confrontation. As they...

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In Search of Solace

I was hanging with a friend in Manhattan recently. We’ve never seen eye-to-eye politically and I prefer to simply avoid the subject. This was true more than ever last week because I had no idea where she stood on Donald Trump. And frankly, I thought it best that I not know. Yet at the end of our outing, with me about to descend subway steps to head home, somehow we were there. I made a passing comment about not sleeping well with Trump in the White House and my friend noted that half the country was sleeping very well and didn’t I get some solace from that? That’s an unequivocal no. Solace? What? Solace? This has been working on me all week. I am not getting solace from white supremacists sleeping better. Or gun-toting fools who think the government is out to get them. I get no solace from well-rested “Christians” who want to control whether or not a woman can decide for herself to have a baby, but not give a crap what happens once that child is here and needs real health care. Solace is not my go-to when I think of all the self-loathing women who are immune to the actions and comments of a pussy-grabbing predator and felt it was OK to impose him on the rest of us. Glad they’re happily snoozing? No. Solace?...

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