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‘A Revolution of Tenderness’

It felt aptly timed the other day when I read about an interview Pope Francis had done with a Catholic weekly magazine. In it, he noted the cruelty and atrocities in the world and called for a “revolution of tenderness.” I read it and then mulled it. A revolution of tenderness. Revolution and tenderness. Together. A gorgeous conceptual and semantic coupling appearing on my Facebook feed in the thick of an ongoing, active crime scene in San Bernardino, Calif. More shooting of people who went to work and thought they were going about a pretty routine day, who may...

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Reflections in the Pope Francis Mirror

On the dating site eHarmony, there is an option to answer as many multiple choice questions as a participant chooses. One of those goes like this: Was Barack Obama born in the United States?     The response options are: A. Yes, of course B.  No, I’m convinced he wasn’t C. I need more evidence I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sighed while perusing a profile because the answer wasn’t A. Seriously? Donald Trump is having an impact on my dating life? As I wrote in 2011 during the birther debacle, “Trump is a mirror. The big magnifying kind...

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The Bipartisan Ship Has Sailed

I begin the year 2014 disappointed. It’s become clear that, for the most part, we really aren’t ever going to be able to go back to judging people and occurrences with any semblance of an objective eye. The ability to pull back and see something from a reasoned place, well, we’re not even striving for that anymore. At least not the majority. Now, if someone says the sky is blue, we decide whether to believe him based on whether he’s a conservative or a liberal. Every time someone stubs a toe, someone else attaches a cause to it. When...

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Like a Prayer (Answered)

When Madonna was dancing before burning crosses in her Like a Prayer video in 1989, in a way it was like she was me gone rogue. I was a rule follower who was ripe for questioning my Catholicism and in her I felt represented, if stuck. I was instantly hooked on her brashness and, since I spent a lot of time in dance clubs back then, I also loved the music. It made you want to move. Ultimately, though, she was expressing what I didn’t have the guts to express. As I strolled through Richard Corman’s photographs of a...

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Karma with a Vindictive Twist

Karma is not a bitch. Karma is not a weapon to wield when we’re in the mood to play God. Karma is not the reason to do a good deed. Karma is not, according to Wikipedia, “a simple, one-to-one correspondence of reward or punishment.” And yet almost daily this word pops up in conversation or in something I’m reading and it is repeatedly used to mean “he got his” or “it’s no surprise that happened to her.” It makes me cringe. Where in the world did the bastardization of the term karma originate? It’s become this smarmy utterance that...

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