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Tag: Relationships

One Woman’s Eternity vs. Another’s

Last Friday night I watched From Here to Eternity with my mother. I’d never seen it before. In it, Deborah Kerr plays a wife named Karen who has an affair with a military sergeant played by Burt Lancaster. At the end, when he won’t go for a promotion that would allow them to be together, she tells him that now she has to stay in her loveless marriage. What choice does she have? The movie won eight Oscars and is iconic for so many reasons. But I’m sure in 1953 few flinched at that moment when a woman declared...

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Get to Know THIS, Vito

The subject line on my recent email from eHarmony read: “Vito wants to get to know you.” Yes, Vito from Bayonne had indeed written after seeing my profile. He wrote to say he’d found his soulmate on eHarmony and was getting married in three weeks. But as he was closing his account, his friend had been “looking over his shoulder” and was bowled over by the sight of moi. It would make his heart melt if I wrote him, Vito said. He, in fact, provided a name, phone number and personal email address for this friend. The area code...

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The (Sex) Appeal of Jon Stewart

Over the years I have had conversations with women who would do Jon Stewart in a heartbeat. It’s true. And I don’t mean gold diggers. Lord knows there are plenty of those in my gender. If that’s your sport, by all means check out the many reality TV shows dedicated to reinforcing that life’s goal. Case in point, the front page of a tabloid I just saw while checking out at the grocery store had a blaring headline about the ‘Real Housewife’ who’s in jail declaring she’ll be rich again. Excellent. Thanks for keeping us updated, you beacon of...

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An Eye on Love

I’m ever the observer. It’s disconcerting to some, but it makes me a sharper coach and keeps my writing honest. I’m wondering, though, if underlying it all is a craving to be seen. What prompted this thinking is my reaction to a couple of movies — one old (A Room with a View), one new (Love Is All You Need) – viewed on the same day. As I watched Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm connect in Susanne Bier’s Love Is All You Need set mostly in lush Italy, I felt my observer slip away. My reaction to the film’s intimacy was...

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