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USWNT: Their Dreams Intertwined with Mine

They score a goal. I’m on a bar stool, teary. They score another goal in mere minutes. Disbelief on a bar stool. Teary. They beat Japan, 5-2. Still on a bar stool, teary. They get a congratulatory call from President Obama. I’m in front of my computer, teary. There’s an announcement they will get a parade. I’m on Facebook, teary. I attend the parade with my friend, Kathi. Behind my big sunglasses, yep, I’m teary. They get on stage with Taylor Swift. I watch the video, teary. I open my Sunday New York Times and there’s a full page...

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Vaccines and (Yes) Gray Matter

If there is one thing that has been brought out by the recent revelation that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler will not be vaccinating their children, it’s the fact that a lot of American parents desperately need to believe vaccines are not harming their children. Emphasis on desperately. My God, the level of mean-spiritedness and whatever the opposite of empathy is that is brought out when people get going on the Internet on this topic is so beyond anything I’ve ever seen on any other subject. And I have been reading about this topic for over a decade, ever...

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