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Roseanne and the ‘Nuance’ of the Trump Supporter

These days, I am so sick of Donald Trump that I have long stopped watching shows I’ve always found relaxing such as The Daily Show and most other comedy-based late-night programs. It’s worth mentioning they are hosted by people I admire and their world views align pretty closely with mine. Most nights I’d rather see Rachel and Ross argue over whether they were on a break for the 85th time than hear Trump’s name coming out of my TV yet again, even in tightly written lines delivered by masters of comedic timing. So the idea of watching a reboot of Roseanne Barr’s show held zero appeal for me. I never watched it the first time around and I certainly wasn’t up for her droning on about how gosh-darn-fantastic the President is under the guise of fiction. I did, however, understand the appeal to Trump’s base given the dearth of conservative comedy out there (Dennis Miller and ???). But ABC’s cancellation of the second season of Roseanne today has stopped me in my tracks for a specific reason – its attempt to show the nuance of the Trump supporter has backfired. It has, in fact, reinforced what many citizens have been saying all along. The cancellation came on the heels of the non-fictional version of Roseanne writing this Tweet about former White House aide Valerie Jarrett: “Muslim brotherhood & planet...

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Taking Our Truth from Whisper to Roar

Back in the 1990s while covering a youth soccer tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, I had some time between games and I was strolling around Tempe. It was summer and I was wearing a little sun dress. While walking from one shop to another, a guy made a big show of ogling me and calling me beautiful. He was intense about it, looking me up and down with undisguised admiration. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Was I in danger? No. Did he touch me? No. Did he break the law? No. Did I get in...

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The Corky Sherwood-ization of the News

Lately I’ve been watching Murphy Brown reruns on Encore Classic and laughing my butt off. In one episode the network decides to give fluff reporter Corky Sherwood her own show. Before it even airs a critic writes a mocking review in anticipation of Sherwood asking guests Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley something to the effect of, “If you could be a salad dressing, what kind would you be?” While the commentary upsets Sherwood – played so endearingly ditzy by Faith Ford — she ultimately winds up lamenting that now she can’t use that question. Oh, how perfectly Corky...

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#Unapologetic? Barbie, I’m Down with That

Do you know who Eva de Goede and Ellen Hoog are? For those who answered no, they’re Dutch field hockey players who have posed for the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You can see their perfectly shaped asses here. I haven’t expended an ounce of energy on SI’s annual nod to porn in about 20 years. I wrote about it a few times when I was a sports columnist back in the 1990s, but I’m not one to get all that worked up about it anymore. It makes massive money and it’s not going away. It’s as much about...

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