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A Memoir Request of the Former First Lady

Dear Mrs. Obama – I’ve been reading with great interest about the book deal you and President Obama have struck with Penguin Random House for your respective memoirs. Congratulations! With all due respect to your husband (and I have massive amounts of it), it is yours that I cannot wait to read. Oh my, yes. You’ve been holding back out of necessity for eight-plus years. Now we want to hear what you have to say about everything from the frivolous to the serious. The way I see it, while Barack Obama may be obligated to share with us the...

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‘Wild’ and Vulnerable

“Do you do therapy sessions?” After hello, this is my opening line to Joe, my acupuncturist, when I appear for my weekly session recently. He smiles. “These kind of have that effect, don’t they?” he says about our sessions. I explain that while walking the four blocks there, all I could think about was how I was going to get something parmigiana after I left his office. I’m an emotional eater and I’ve gotten much better about steering clear of danger zones to make me feel better. But this day I was obsessing in my head. There was no...

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What an honor …

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