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The Power of the Pelosi Moment

The absolute power oozing from Nancy Pelosi, clad in Armani sunglasses, a MaxMara coat, and Stuart Weitzman pumps was heady to watch this week. Many of us couldn’t get enough of the exchange in the Oval Office, the press conference outside the White House, and maybe most stunningly, the walk from one to the other in the aforementioned outfit. It’s still rippling over me, in memes where Pelosi leaves a White House in flames behind her or in gifs that set her strut to the Peter Gunn Theme as she dons her shades. Why? Sure, part of it is that someone of the female persuasion who knows how to wield power and shares my name held the President accountable in a historic space that should have been a home court advantage of sorts for him. I find that all kinds of inspiring. But I just realized this is the rousing kernel in it: That moment, that meeting, signaled change is afoot. Blessed be on all that is holy. Let me say it again: Change is afoot. After two years of feeling like Donald Trump has his foot on my neck, Nancy Pelosi has freed my windpipe just a little. Just enough to let more air in. Ahhhhh … breath. Sheer breath. May we revel in the return of breathing. As we bring a close to one year and usher...

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Giving Senior Citizens Space to Feel

We’re in a time when a woman will be partaking in a conversation and the next thing you know what will come spilling out in an almost even tone is that time when her doctor raped her. It happened to me this morning. “Nancy, it was five years before I realized what he did to me was wrong.” **** On the evenings when I prepare a topic, or prompt, for my senior citizens’ writing group the next morning, my greatest challenge is to try to gauge the mood or mindset of my students. By this I mean that there...

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A Tainted Pick, No Matter What

Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court tomorrow. Call me jaded, prescient, resigned, pessimistic, whatever. My prediction is based solely on history and my complete lack of faith in our Senate Judiciary Committee (and by extension, our Senate) as a body when it comes to issues of this nature. Maybe it’s because I’m 56 and I have seen the majority in that group show their disconnectedness to real America to the point of ad nauseum. But if it’s a glimmer of hope you want, here goes. They are going to pay a massive price for this. The...

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Pussy, Power, and Postage

I typically buy postage stamps that say or advocate “love.” It’s my small way of sending love out into the world with each piece of mail, even if it’s a bill. Recently I was standing in line at the post office to buy a sheet of them when I saw a poster advertising Wonder Woman stamps. I knew I had to make an exception, just this once, and grace my mail instead with a message of female power. Clearly we’re in a moment. And you know who is helping me most of all in this moment? Regena Thomashauer, also known as Mama Gena. Maybe she’s the Wonder Woman of the Trump era. Had you come to me six months ago and said, “Nancy, you’re going to feel like your life is transformed by a book in 2017 and it’s going to be called Pussy: A Reclamation and it’s going to be written by the head of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts,” I would have looked at you with furrowed brow. Huh? Nothing against Thomashauer and her highly successful business, but I’ve always hated the word pussy. I’ve long preferred the more clinical term vagina. Maybe it’s generational. I don’t know. But back in September I was interviewing a vibrant 20-something musician who extolled the virtues of Mama Gena and so openly talked about her pussy as the center...

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A Feminist’s Glorious Moment

When I woke up the morning of Election Day 2016, I was so excited that I donned a t-shirt I hadn’t worn since buying it in West Hollywood in 2009. It’s hot pink and in white lettering it says, “This is what a feminist looks like.” I was self-conscious about wearing it because even though on most days I’m a proud 54-year-old feminist, I grew up with messages that if I declared it out loud men wouldn’t like me very much. They’d feel threatened. Even now, when I know lots of terrific progressive men, that’s hard to shake. But this day, when the most qualified candidate on the ballot for President happened to be a woman whose values aligned with my own, I felt emboldened. Hillary Clinton deserved this. I even took a rare selfie and posted it on Facebook and Instagram, declaring #imwithher. It felt great to own my joy. I had known all along that I would likely support Secretary Clinton in this race, but it wasn’t until the last two months or so that I became enthusiastic about it. My admiration for her increased with each passing day. Still, I was surprised when I walked out of the voting booth and was so choked up I could barely speak. I went to greet a friend standing in line and realized I had to hold back a...

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