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A Memoir Request of the Former First Lady

Dear Mrs. Obama – I’ve been reading with great interest about the book deal you and President Obama have struck with Penguin Random House for your respective memoirs. Congratulations! With all due respect to your husband (and I have massive amounts of it), it is yours that I cannot wait to read. Oh my, yes. You’ve been holding back out of necessity for eight-plus years. Now we want to hear what you have to say about everything from the frivolous to the serious. The way I see it, while Barack Obama may be obligated to share with us the...

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Fired Up in Fear

Through my bedroom window I saw a man throw a lit cigarette butt on the ground today. It was on the street in front of my apartment. For a panicked moment I contemplated going outside and stamping it out. The night before I bolted up out of sleep that had barely hit the REM phase. I’d had a nightmare that fire was consuming my home. I suppose this means it’s official. I’m traumatized. Maybe that’s a little strong. I really don’t want to be emotionally fraught. Is it possible to talk myself out of it? To purge via writing?...

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A Retreat to Self-Acceptance

Finally, I get it. I am not Pema Chodron. I am not Elizabeth Gilbert. I am not Cheryl Strayed. I am Nancy Colasurdo. But let me back up … **** I recently signed up to go on a retreat with a group of local women. The destination was a Zen Buddhist monastery in the Catskills. A large part of the appeal was the promise of no cell signal, no Wi-Fi, no modern-day distractions. Another aspect of it that really attracted me was the spiritual setting and the opportunity to partake in as much of the ritual as I chose. Plus,...

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Are Gratuitous Potshots Considered Kind?

In a recent article on The Huffington Post called “How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps,” Kate Bartolotta writes compellingly under this provocative headline about what’s important in life. It’s a good read. Among my favorites – ‘let people in’ and ‘practice gratitude.’ But the writer (or maybe more like the keen-eyed editor) who lives within me stopped short on one line in the second step, which encourages us to ‘Be happy now.’ “Not because of some shiny happy Oprah crap,” Bartolotta writes.   My Unfettered Advice: Your work is...

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