Photo by Erica Berger

My name is Nancy Colasurdo and this is my blog. Somewhere around my 50th birthday (a decade or so ago), my desire to filter my expression went MIA. Come to think of it, the Spanx took a hike, too.

I felt free. Free to say “I don’t know.” Free to be a hot mess. Free to say I took a nap on a Wednesday afternoon or worked late into a Sunday night because I can. Free to say I’m a life coach who doesn’t have all the answers. Free to get aroused over whole shrimp salad on a bed of iceberg lettuce. Free to say I hate the word ‘brand.’ Free to furrow my brow when friends tell me they lie about their age.

Free, free, free.

Welcome to Unfettered Expression, a destination I’ve created to do what comes naturally to me – express freely about a whole slew of things that strike my fancy. I want to take you along for the ride and (maybe?) inspire you to send your filter packing. Over the last 30-plus years I’ve happily written for print, web and television, but this … this is me minus the corporate leash. You’ll find the content thoughtful. Unleashed for me doesn’t mean gossipy or irresponsible. More like provocative and illuminating with the occasional profanity.

According to Buddhist teachings, it is only by clearing one’s ‘fetters’ – a.k.a. chains or bonds — that one attains nirvana. This is my persistent aim – writing nirvana. Harnessing the power of my pure expression. No gatekeeper.

I encourage you to settle in. Chime in on feature posts. Read my advice to people in the news. Argue with me. Tell me I’ve lost my mind. Linger and share. Or just surf and lurk. I provide the content. You decide how you want to consume it.

This space will evolve and grow as I do. When I first set out to make it concrete, I turned to my vision board with the intent of adding to it and letting a visual emerge. What happened instead was I realized this idea of mine couldn’t be contained there and, with no poster board handy, I began affixing images to the nearest empty canvas — my white bathroom door.

Among the phrases on that door – ‘laid bare’ and ‘at home in the world.’

And these words from Georgia O’Keeffe: “I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.”

Free, free, free.

Yoga pants, flip flops, hair in a ponytail free.