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A Memoir Request of the Former First Lady

Dear Mrs. Obama – I’ve been reading with great interest about the book deal you and President Obama have struck with Penguin Random House for your respective memoirs. Congratulations! With all due respect to your husband (and I have massive amounts of it), it is yours that I cannot wait to read. Oh my, yes. You’ve been holding back out of necessity for eight-plus years. Now we want to hear what you have to say about everything from the frivolous to the serious. The way I see it, while Barack Obama may be obligated to share with us the...

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My Dichotomous Selves, Volleying

In the Sunday Review section of The New York Times recently, a headline asked: Will Sanders Supporters Come Around? My response, out loud, to my apartment walls — Who gives a fuck? This is when I knew something in me had shifted after two weeks of political conventions and the ensuing shit-storm on social media and television. Because prior to that I was in the strategic place, hoping the math was there for a Hillary win in November. Now? Who knows? Who am I? Where am I in all of this? **** Next to me the Bible is open to Isaiah chapter 58. It’s been on my desk like that since yesterday when I tuned in to a livestream of Marianne Williamson at a church in Manhattan. I’ve seen her speak in person a handful of times, but this was more impassioned than I’ve ever seen her. After the minister on the pulpit prior to Williamson read Isaiah beginning with verse 6 and spoke of being the “repairer of the breach” in these stormy political times, Williamson came to the microphone and said she’d like to go back to verse 1: Shout out, do not hold back! Lift up your voice like a trumpet! Williamson railed about complacency. She spoke of how other nations were asking, “What are Americans thinking?” and then said forcefully, “It ain’t midnight yet.” We...

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Want Some Gingerbread with that Whine?

My friend Kathi and I had just strolled by the holiday-themed windows at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City and were standing across from the gorgeous and massive St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Kathi had just been talking about the renovations there. “Would you like to go in?” I asked. “Sure,” she replied. And in we went, talking as we entered about saying a prayer for peace in the world. We sat quietly in a pew for a few minutes. Then we paused to look at the nativity and walked around in back of the main altar before making our...

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