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Tag: sexism

Let’s Be Clear Who Won in 2016

I approach my favorite bench at the Hoboken waterfront, happy to sit down and read for a little while with a cup of coffee at my side. The bench is empty and so I plop down. As I sip my coffee, I hear the guy on the next bench. “Old woman. Why does it have to be an old woman sitting next to me?” It takes me a moment to realize he is referring to me. I don’t react, as clearly that would serve him well. So he raises the volume on his voice. “Old woman. Old woman. Damn...

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Would You Work for a Trump-Loving Boss?

Let’s say you walk into a job interview. The person doing the interviewing has on his desk, among other things, a hat that says “Make America Great Again.” What do you now know? Over the course of my 40-year work life, I’ve been on a fair number of job interviews. At no point did it ever occur to me to learn the political persuasion of my interviewer or to wonder about how he would cast his vote in an election. That has drastically changed with the emergence of Donald Trump as the likely presidential candidate for a major political...

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