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Tag: Body Image

I Thought I Was Fat

As I sifted through old photographs my mother had just handed me all neatly contained in a plastic bag, I kept having the same thought over and over: How did I ever believe I was fat back then? There I was in one photo, in shorts, not even on the borderline of fat. I was trim. In another picture, more shorts, more thin. In yet another, I have an actual waist, nicely accentuated with a belt. Bathing suit shots from resorts I visited in my 20s show a well-proportioned woman with an hourglass figure; she isn’t fat either. It...

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#Unapologetic? Barbie, I’m Down with That

Do you know who Eva de Goede and Ellen Hoog are? For those who answered no, they’re Dutch field hockey players who have posed for the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You can see their perfectly shaped asses here. I haven’t expended an ounce of energy on SI’s annual nod to porn in about 20 years. I wrote about it a few times when I was a sports columnist back in the 1990s, but I’m not one to get all that worked up about it anymore. It makes massive money and it’s not going away. It’s as much about...

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Acceptance and Body Issues

“I want my body back.” I’ve heard myself say this a number of times in the last few months. Sometimes in anguished frustration under my breath. Sometimes while sharing with family and friends. Sometimes in wonderment. Sometimes in prayer. The statement can mean so many things. Given the Dove video that’s been circulating, the one about how we see ourselves vs. how someone else sees us, my declaration could easily be taken for an expression about my exterior self. You know, fat, wrinkles, outsized features. But it’s not. If being in my 50s has given me anything, it’s peace around that...

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