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Tag: Second Amendment

Kids in the Lead

Remember in 2009 when the conservative media went nuts because second graders in a New Jersey school sang a song celebrating President Obama’s achievement as an African-American? Recall their claim that schools were trying to indoctrinate their kids to a political viewpoint? This is when I knew the level of partisanship in this country had crossed over into Crazy Town, a completely new plane of irrational. Here we go again. Those kids would be about 16 now. So it’s feasible that some of them walked out of a high school on March 14, 2018 for 17 minutes in solidarity...

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Where Every Gun Conversation Breaks Down

While visiting my parents in December, my father told me he had seen a movie recently on cable. He had really enjoyed it, but declared it wouldn’t be my “cup of tea.” He was talking about American Sniper. I explained that not only had I seen it in the theater, I went by myself because no one else I knew was interested in seeing it. He was clearly taken aback. I find a lot of conversations in our lives go like this. A declaration or assumption based on politics (Dad is conservative, I’m not). Here’s what I told a...

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