Have you seen that public service announcement circulating about calling 911 but pretending to order a pizza if you’re in danger? It’s a way of getting a message out without tipping off the person who’s holding you hostage or intimidating you.

This, to me, may be an apt comparison to what First Lady Melania Trump was doing wearing that now infamous jacket with the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” on the back en route to a Texas detention center near the southern border.

First, let me clear up a few things. I am not so concerned about Melania Trump’s jacket that I’ve forgotten about families being separated at the border. I am not, as all the memes seem to suggest, “distracted” to the point where I can’t hold any other thoughts. I am quite capable of being horrified and outraged about one while still being thoughtful and curious about the other.

What’s the alternative? To ignore it? Are you kidding me?

Much like the national anthem story isn’t about football and the Roseanne Barr story isn’t about a TV show, this one ain’t about a fashion statement.

It is, however, a statement. Make no mistake about it.

The First Lady was trolling her husband. So loudly and so clearly. It was more vivid than any middle finger or vulgarity could ever be.

How else can you explain it? Do you really think she would make a conscious choice to go visit the detention center while simultaneously sending a message she doesn’t care about children and families?

Unlike many opinions I’ve read from people I mostly agree with politically, my view of Mrs. Trump here is much less jaded. According to press reports from those traveling with the First Lady, she decided to make the trip on her own.

So, let’s see. How does this go, exactly? Last-minute decision is made. She’s taking a trip. Wardrobe must be selected. Pants, tops, shoes. Check, check, check. And then, “Hmmmm, where is my green Zara jacket with the words on the back? This is the perfect occasion for it.”

Really? Why does she even own this jacket? Who owns anything with words that big on it?

You know there are people who like to get tattoos because they’re expressive, right? But then there are a whole bunch who gravitate to them because they’re rebellious. How big the tattoo is and where it’s placed can tell you a whole lot about how rebellious they are and how much of an eff-you they want to give to someone or the world.

Melania Trump wearing a bracelet with the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” engraved on it might or might not have caught anyone’s attention. Likely not. But she chose an article of clothing with those words emblazoned on her back as she ascended the steps of a plane. Allow me to translate:

Hel-lo, Donald. I don’t care what you and your soulless minions in the White House are doing, I am going to follow my conscience and go see what is happening to these children. I don’t care if it’s inconsistent with your message and/or costs you politically, you heartless human. I’m going to do something, anything, to try to get back in touch with my own heart and soul and lend my weight to this. Thank you for giving me an international forum, phony man. You may come to regret it.

You can say I’m giving her too much credit. Or I’m having a great fantasy. Could be. I’ve never met her. My only vibe on Mrs. Trump is what I see when she’s in the spotlight – the hand she doesn’t want to hold, the downcast eyes, the persistent aura of obligation she carries when she’s standing next to her spouse. And given the kind of man he’s proven to be, how can we hold it against her if she’s starting to see the light or is well past that and is sending passive-aggressive messages?

His response was classic Trump. A Tweet: “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!

Uh huh. Sure.

One of these days a Washington, D.C. emergency operator is going to get a call from a woman with a lush accent asking for a pepperoni pizza to be delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And when the cops show up she will don the other wordy jacket in her closet, a pink one with these words on the back:

Stormy, Donald? Pshaw. You’ve embarrassed me for the last time.