Donald Trump weaponized the Department of Justice while he was president. He’s also running what is essentially a shadow government now. Toss in his explicit, stated intent to weaponize the DOJ again if he’s elected for another term. It’s on video, in social media posts. This isn’t my opinion, it’s fact.

So let’s say, for the sake of argument, you think a 34-count guilty verdict delivered in a state court yesterday was engineered by Joe Biden’s DOJ. And you are busting out of yourself to tell us how wrong that is. You’re on your MAGA mountaintop with your megaphone, using words like persecution and sham.

Why would we pay any heed to your so-called principled stance? You are planning to cast your vote for a convicted felon who says he will do the very thing you say is wrong if he wins.

I am so sick of the doublespeak.

Back when we were going through his impeachments, the Republican cry was, let it play out in the courts. Let him go through due process.

Well, what do you know? Twelve people, some of whom primarily get their news from Fox News, Truth Social, and the Wall Street Journal, voted guilty on 34 counts. Thirty four. Not one dissenter. It’s called evidence and due process.

Don’t give me the crap about it being New Yorkers. Trump is a born-and-raised New Yorker. And hey, maybe next time he can commit his crimes in Ocean County, N.J., where many think “libtard” is an acceptable term in common discourse.

You know what else is exhausting? The ‘Dems just handed Trump the election’ mindset. So what is your implication? Let the crimes go skipping by? Were you this upset when Michael Cohen was charged with the same crimes that you seem to think are no biggie? And then Bill Barr’s DOJ put him back in jail at the end of his sentence because he wouldn’t sign a contrived document? There goes your ‘they only came after Trump because he’s a political opponent’ argument.

So yeah, let me sit around worrying about his wounded ego, his deep-seated fear of prison, his cult following, the politicians who have latched on and know better. Here’s looking at you, Holy Roller Speaker of the Damn House. Cohen is a prime example of what happens when you hitch your train to that loser.

As we speak, Trump’s campaign is compiling lists. Give them power and they will undoubtedly come for us. Steve Bannon said the quiet part out loud.

All I know is my visceral reaction to the reading of the guilty verdicts was sobbing. It was like it came from my toes, and so suddenly. That asshole has blown up aspects of my life that will never be the same.

This was one small victory, however validating. There is so much still to brace for.

[Editorial Note: This is my eighth installment in a series I began in order to give my writing some flow after being in a healing phase from knee surgeries for a year (2023-24).]

[This post was originally published on Facebook on May 31, 2024.]