storybook barberOne day Courtney Holmes was jogging the hilly terrain in Dubuque, Iowa, past lots of trees, near Clarke University. As he and so many are prone to do when they exercise, he directed his thoughts inward

“I was talking to God,” the 45-year-old told me in our recent interview. “I said, ‘If there’s anything you want me to be, let me know. Use me.’ After I prayed that prayer, I did a small act of kindness.”

He had no idea in that act he would get his answer.

As part of the Dubuque Black Men Coalition, Holmes had coordinated with Anderson Sainci on a back-to-school event in August. As a barber, Holmes’ role would be to give haircuts to boys at the community gathering. They came up with the idea of giving the cuts for free if the kids read to Holmes while he cut their hair. Read full article on