danielabryan_calif-310x310As an executive coach who specializes in coaching leaders, she sold her sprawling Northern California home near Santa Cruz and built a new one in scenic Arnold (nestled 4,000 feet high in the Stanislaus National Forest). Then this dual citizen of the United States and Germany, so used to global travel, decided to give that travel an altruistic bent.

“It has been way fun,” Bryan tells me in our recent interview.

She lives riveted to giving, and stays open to opportunities for that in everything she does. She explains it in part of the manifesto she wrote at the beginning of 2015:

Time is of the essence. Time is limited and plentiful all the same. What am I waiting for? For someone else to act? It’s time for me to connect the dots for maximum impactSustainably. Responsibly. Boldly. Read full article on Airstream.com