russ kendallThere are these caprese salad skewers pictured on Russ Kendall’s business website. Vibrant cherry tomatoes in yellow or red, white mozzarella balls speckled with fresh herbs, and bright green basil leaves in between those layers. Lush ingredients begging to be tasted and savored.

“I have found if I put up a line about them, I’ll sell two or three,” says Kendall. “But if I put a picture out, I’ll sell 40.”

That, right there, cuts to the heart of why Gusto Wood Fired Pizza in Bellingham, Wash., is also known as Kendall’s Plan B. Photography has been the lifeblood of his career. He used to be a photo journalist, working for newspapers, authoring eight photo books for kids along the way. Now he runs a pizza business and manages a private Facebook page called “What’s Your Plan B?” to give journalists and former journalists a place to tell stories and help each other. Read full article on