Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

Call me jaded, prescient, resigned, pessimistic, whatever.

My prediction is based solely on history and my complete lack of faith in our Senate Judiciary Committee (and by extension, our Senate) as a body when it comes to issues of this nature. Maybe it’s because I’m 56 and I have seen the majority in that group show their disconnectedness to real America to the point of ad nauseum.

But if it’s a glimmer of hope you want, here goes. They are going to pay a massive price for this.

The likely new addition to our Supreme Court can’t even tell the truth under oath about what ‘The Devil’s Triangle’ means. A drinking game, my ass. It’s either another way of saying Bermuda Triangle or, according to the Urban Dictionary (sexually explicit material alert), “a threesome with one woman and two men. It is important to remember that straight men do not make eye contact while in the act. Doing so will question their sexuality” or “inserting your dick in all three of her holes, mouth, ass, and pussy.”


We watched Judge Kavanaugh equivocate and lie about this. It won’t matter. We watched him declare his partisanship and show his venom regarding Democrats and it won’t matter. He’ll still be confirmed as a “non-partisan” judge on the highest court in the land. The fact that he’ll always, always be a tainted choice like Clarence Thomas is small consolation, but it is a bit of a salve.

Now to the breath of fresh air that is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. My God, what seemed to elude her detractors was that her inability to remember some details surrounding the assault in question only lent to her credibility. It is normal to recall some vivid details about a traumatic event but not others. Her vulnerability made her stronger.

Even if you have never been sexually assaulted, Brett Kavanaugh’s temperament and penchant for belligerence in the face of questioning was unsettling at this hearing. A teary, shouting opening statement that made him somewhat of a sympathetic figure gave way to a confrontational style that included asking senators if they drink, interrupting, and being plain angry that he had to answer to them.

Contrasted with Dr. Ford, who had earlier shown a strong desire to please, to be precise, to understand what was being asked of her, and to, in her words, do her “civic duty,” it was like a double whammy of a trigger for viewers. So many people reeling and crying as she recounted what happened to her, including the unforgettable laughter of the two men who were complicit in her assault.

Moving forward, women and the men who love us need to use this as fuel. This is why it is happening. It’s why it’s important that Dr. Ford came forward and went on the record. We owe it to her to not let this drop from our minds and we need to vote accordingly. She deserves our loyalty. There’s more than one way to show it.

One of the ways Dr. Ford’s trauma has manifested, she shared, is her insistence that her new home be designed with two doors. An escape route. There always needs to be one. Who could make that up?

Kavanaugh claims he believes her. Right up to the point where she says she’s 100 percent sure it was him. Then, no. She’s mistaken. That doesn’t fit into his dreamy prep boy narrative that ends at the Supreme Court.

I’m glad at least some part of it became a nightmare for him and that it always will be no matter which way this goes.

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

And I hope I’m wrong about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.